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In daily life, we often see road construction and maintenance. When repairing a road, the road is sealed first, followed by retaining wall masonry, lime powder filling, drainage ditch construction, concrete cold recycling, water stable pavement construction, asphalt cold recycling, road asphalt pavement construction, slope greening repair, and later road markings painting. After a distance, it is successful. During the road construction process, some advanced scientific and technological production processes will be used, mainly including concrete cold recycling and asphalt cold recycling. What are the main differences between concrete cold recycling and asphalt cold recycling? Cold recycling rental manufacturers will introduce to you:
Cement cold regeneration
Cold recycling of concrete flexibly utilizes waste raw materials, and adds a certain amount of additives in proportion to continuously complete the milling, crushing, mixing, road construction, and compaction of raw materials on-site at natural environmental temperatures, thereby building a new base layer with the required characteristics and qualities.
Compared with traditional engineering construction methods, cold recycling of concrete has the advantages of low cost, high efficiency, and high cost-effectiveness, which can reduce environmental pollution.
Cold recycling of asphalt roads involves milling and separating the old roads to obtain recycled asphalt road raw materials. After crushing and screening, the asphalt to stone ratio, mineral aggregate gradation composition, and performance parameters of recycled asphalt are extracted and measured. The mixture is designed according to the new asphalt recycling mixture ratio, with a moderate addition of new bone materials, water, emulsified asphalt, etc., and the new asphalt road raw materials are mixed at room temperature (without heating). Cold regeneration technology can reduce costs by about 10-20% and has high productivity.
The technology of asphalt cold recycling has promoted the development and utilization of industrial production waste and the comprehensive utilization of renewable energy, while also promoting the application of new technologies such as raw material recycling and energy substitution, as well as the development, design, and scientific research of new technologies and processes.
The application of cold recycling technology in asphalt roads has more significant environmental benefits for maintaining green ecology and sustainable development trends, and plays a key role in improving road ecological and environmental protection.

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